Sundays* in Paris - Macy Carlisle

Sundays* in Paris


*and every other day of the week.

An Insider's Guide to the Best Places to Eat, Drink and Explore.

In the past, those wandering around Paris on a Sunday were confronted with an abundance of closed signs. But in more recent times the city has evolved and a lively Sunday scene has emerged. Born from a love of laidback Sundays, Sundays in Parisis the culmination of the popular blog by the same name. This comprehensive city guide features the best places to eat, drink and explore in the City of Light.

Author Yasmin Zeinab shares with readers an insight into Paris' growing specialty coffee culture and brunch scene, as well as highlighting the best of its dining establishments, bars, museums, shops, gardens and markets. Suited to both travelers and expats living in Paris, the guide also features walking itineraries and general tips to assist with navigating the city. Experience the best of the city with Sundays in Paris, on any day of the week.

ISBN-13:  978-1741175417

Publisher: Hardie Grant

Cover: Paperback

Publication Date: February 20, 2018

Pages: 304